Fostering Overview


Want to make a difference in the life of a homeless pet?

Does your heart have room for one more?


Maybe you should consider temporarily opening your home and your heart to a homeless pet.


Fostering provides a much needed bridge between the shelter and placement in a wonderful "furever" home. The shelter environment can be a harsh setting for an animal that is frightened or needs a little extra care. Sometimes a rescue needs a quiet place to recover from surgery; sometimes a mother, and her pups or kittens, needs a few weeks to nurse and grow stronger; sometimes an animal is so overwhelmed by recent experiences that they need time and tenderness to overcome their fears.

You can provide a life-saving opportunity for a homeless pet. You can give an insecure and untrusting rescue the chance to live in a home; the chance to learn that people can be kind; the chance to learn that food and water will be available and they don't have to fight for it; the chance to learn that they can have a warm, secure place to sleep and to heal.


Home Fur Good foster parents are:

  • matched with a cat or dog in need
  • provided with supplies (food, bedding, crate, etc.)
  • provided guidance and support from foster coordinator

Your role as a foster parent is to prepare the rescue for adoption. Even just a week or two can make all the difference!

A timid cat that hides under a blanket will not be adopted quickly. A dog that perhaps was never in a home environment and has "no manners" will not be adopted quickly.

When you teach a dog to walk on a leash or engage a shy kitty in play you provide positive human interaction. You begin to build a foundation of trust. This trust is the bridge that our resilient rescues need help to cross so that they may find happiness and love in their adoptive homes.


"I am only one. I cannot do everything, but still, I can do something." Helen Keller


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Below is Suede and his Foster Family. They have been instrumental with his recovery and he has brought joy to them as well.

Wouldn't you like to experience the same fulfillment?