Why Adopt a Shelter Animal

Be the voice of a shelter pet. through no fault of their own 1,000's of helpless dogs and cats find themselves awaiting death at the Maricopa county pound, in fact; approximately 90% of the animals we have available for adoption were on that horrible list. Thankfully, the animals are now safe and awaiting a forever family.


These Dogs & Cats are Far From Being "Damaged Goods"


Yes, they came from the county pound, some have broken bones or may be sick and in need of a simple antibiotic. Several are old and way to many have been abused. But again, that doesn't make them damaged goods-quite the opposite in fact.


Most shelter pets make exceptionally affectionate, attentive and extremely loyal companions. We- meaning Home Fur Good and YOU-are their last chance, their saving grace. And these animals know that. The love, companionship and joy they give are a reflection of that. For anyone who's ever had a shelter animal as a pet, you know this. For those who haven't yet had that opportunity, give it a try. You'll be pleasantly surprised. Giving an animal a chance to enjoy life is a very rewarding experience. See for yourself, come to one of our adoption locations and fall in love with a shelter pet.