People Saving Pets

Home Fur Good is a proud member of the People Saving PetsTM campaign.


People Saving Pets is an exciting campaign that uses positive and uplifting advertising, public relations and community events to educate and engage the public, change perceptions about pet homelessness and increase pet adoptions and spay/neuter surgeries. It is designed to inspire action to save the lives of homeless pets. By highlighting the efforts of national and local animal-welfare partners, the campaign will inspire a broad range of public participation.


With advertising that focuses on the human-pet bond, People Saving Pets will showcase the ways that pets enrich our lives and will provide information and education about the ways to end the tragedy of euthanasia. The campaign encourages people to spread the word about the campaign and its goals. Members of the public can participate in People Saving Pets in a number of ways - from joining as a member, attending local pet-themed events, donating time or money, buying official People Saving Pets merchandise, adopting a pet and spaying/neutering your pet.


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